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Melassa / Molasses High quality sugar-beets molasses. Made in nature and eco for variety of HoReCa and agriculture
Cereals and groats Bio cereals: oat, rustico, wheat, rye, buckwheat. Tasty and healthy. Full of energy
Berries Forest and garden berries selected for supermarkets and HoReCa. Rares and standards

We charge our products with eco-power! 

Melassanta, QuaCereals and AnyBerry are hi-quality and ideal ingredients 

for production Your private label / marca blanca.

Breoline delivers only the best products from Europe all over the World since 1959. Good old time we transfer today to.

Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Poland, Baltic, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Greece, Bulgaria and Slovenia, Slovakia and Czech, Russia and Ukraine, exUSSR and China, India and Sri Lanka. More than 30 countries we work with. 

Our main mission is finding, inspecting, transporting, certification, quality assurance and marketing.  Contributing to the international standards and development of international collaboration.

High technology and high quality for domestic and international markets.

We are open for proposals. Send your quota with the Contact Us forma below or just call us by the phone!

Marketing, delivering and packaging is our mission for Your business

Breoline can package your goods and promote them to domestic and international consumers. We can also build sale chains up to Your needs and budget in Food and Non-Food segments.